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1   Link   Holistic Management International
“Discover how to work with nature to increase profits and improve the environment” -HMI

HMI was created by Allan Savory who has now moved on to the Savory Institute
Great interview series on podcast for those who like me don't have enough time to watch videos and read.
2   Link   Long Now Foundation
Stewart Brand and his team in California put the world's top thinkers onto thinking about the future. Absolute must for anyone with a brain! The podcasts under seminars are easy to listen to or download
3   Link   Hans Rosling's Gapminder
Hans Rosling of the Carolina Institute in Stockholm has put together the global stats for us all to see where we are. Fascinating stuff and a great way to break your preconceived ideas. Take time to work out the how to use it- it's especially valuable to policy makers
4   Link   Namibia's conservancies
IRDCN is the driver of conservancies in Namibia and shines the best path for Africans to manage their land and natural resources again.
5   Link   longnow podcasts
This facinating collection of podcasts from the LongNow Foundation are easy to download
6   Link   AgroInnovations
Title explains all- these guys promote local institutions and innovative farming practice that can improve environment and productivity
7   Link   Allan Savory
In case you missed this link all over the front page- Allan Savory teaches holistic thinking and practical ways land managers can improve natural productivity.
8   Link   Pasture Cropping- Colin Seis
A successful farming system aiming at environmentally sustainable profits.
9   Link   Seb Scott, Zambian organic farmer
My friend Seb has solved the problem of low yields in small scale farming by doing it himself. A must for anyone working with poor farmers in the global south.
10   Link   African centre for Holistic Management
The centre for holistic management in Africa- This is where you can learn how to transform desert into productive land.
11   Link   UNEP report on Kafue Flats
A great report for anyone interested in the under-valued Kafue Flats and the wildife culture of the Ila and Tonga people.
12   Link   Natural History Museam
From where we come gives us a clue of who we are and where we're going. This particular page is about another ancestor discovered in South Africa, 2011, Australopithecus sediba. Does our genetic trail start in Southern not East Africa?
13   Link   House of Chiefs, Zambia
The House of Chiefs Blog is managed by the active blogger Cho as an off-shoot of Its gives some insight into the vast resource of leadership and culture that bubbles patiently under the Zambian state.
14   Link   Eco Sanitiation Research
The EcoSanRes (Ecological Sanitation Research) Programme aims to develop and promote sustainable sanitation in the developing world through capacity development and knowledge management as a contribution to equity, health, poverty alleviation, and improved environmental quality
15   Link   Forestry index
Approximately 57% of Zambia's land area is forested, although there is no primary forest remaining. More than 40% of the country is within protected parks, although this does not prevent widespread poaching and deforestation from taking place. Since 1990, Zambia has lost over 13% of its forest cover and the deforestation rate is slowly rising. It was one of the top 10 countries for deforestation between 2000 and 200
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