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Bees, a crucial partnership

Did you know?                                    Bee_our_food_partner 

They say a tonne of honey is worth more than a tonne of copper. OK so you maybe don't eat honey and are not a beekeeper! But more than one third of everything we eat comes from plants that need bees for pollination. Bees should therefore be seen as priceless. No bees , no food!

 Bee populations around the world are increasingly threatened by diseases including Colony Collapse Disorder CCD, a disease that has been worrying scientists in the US and Europe for years. Millions of dollars of investigation later and most people agree the short answer is that bees are starving to death. There is not enough food for them to eat. Why? There's not enough diversity left to feed them all the year round where mono-cropping cultures dominate farmlands. 

In Zambia beekeeping is on the increase and with the global shortage of honey the long-term market forecasts look good for producers. The key to sustainability will be maintaining diverse habitats for bees to thrive especially in the vulnerable period during the mid dry season when food is short.

Contract growers like Dan Ball of Forest Fruits have turned beekeeping from a wasteful forest harvest into a sustainable and attractive livestock activity. Dan has trained and supported over 6000 rural families in beekeeping and set up Forest Fruits to market their organic honey and wax into the EU. Over 5000 more farmers are in the queue to be helped as soon as Dan can get the finance. If you can help please contact Forest Fruits directly or through this site.   

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