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  I was born 1963 in central Zambia where my late father Barry Shenton served as warden of the Kafue National Park and Marianne, my Swedish-born mother as a nurse and I spent my youth close to nature and animals in the bush and on farms, learning a little about a lot, always curious about how the world worked. I'm forever digging and searching for root causes and trying to connect the dots. I normally earn my income from practical hands-on work in tourism, farming and engineering but spend more time listening and learning these days.

I realize that in the new world of specialisation and manic rush to make a living, few people have been as lucky to live in as many lives as I have in as many social strata and I feel obliged to risk sharing my rather unique perspective. Having little formal education and no specialisation, I set up Zambia Wild to assemble and promote good ideas and sensible advice that I have gleaned from some of the world's top experts in their respective fields with the hope that it will help influence a more holistic solution for the future of my own communities and our interconnected planet.


Mwelwa Maundu and I chasing out KK's one party state, Mkushi, 1991,


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